Annual Mission Campaigns

In addition to the support for the Cooperative Program ( and Williamson Baptist Association that are included in our annual budget, we have three Baptist Mission offerings that we collect annually.  They are each named after women who had a wonderful ministry in that specific region.  

In April, we have an Annie Armstrong North American Missions campaign to collect funds to support mission work in North America.  








 Annie Armstrong led Baptists to collect funds for this work.  


In September of each year, we set a goal and feature the work of missions in the State of Texas.  This campaign is named for Mary Hill Davis.  


To learn more about Mrs. Davis and about the work of Texas State Missions, you can follow this link:

Who Was Mary Hill Davis  

The Lottie Moon International Mission fund campaign is in December. This fund supports foreign mission work all over the world.

Lottie Moon

  You can learn more about Lottie Moon and her mission work in China at