With a 99% affirmative vote on May 3, 2015, First Baptist Church is moving forward with forming a steering team to to complete the relocation of our primary location for Kingdom ministry to Mallard Lane within 3 years!
The Steering Team has been selected:
Keith Hagler, Team Leader
Dave Bogan
Randy Burnum
Kathy Dabbs
Jack Jordan
Mark Laurence
Jennifer Nunamaker
Mike Townsend
Anita Volek

Prayer Needs

Pray for the Construction/Design Workgroup as they make decisions.

Pray for wisdom on the part of the Relocation Steering Team.

Pray for our Architectural Team.

Pray for the financial resources of the Church body.

Pray for the soil of the property; that drainage issues and soil content won’t be a hindrance to building.

Pray for God’s choice in a General Contractor.

Pray for the heart of the neighborhoods around the new property.

Pray for the Church Body to be united in the Relocation effort.

Pray for the spiritual strength of the church body.

Pray for the physical strength of the church body.

Pray that the cost of landscaping will come in under budget.

November 2016 Update

We had a wonderful Ceremonial Ground Breaking service on October 2nd. A very special thanks to Dwayne and Dee Kerlin, Bobby Dabbs and others who took pictures to capture this special moment in the life of our church.

Many of you are now asking “What’s next?”

The Relocation Steering Team along with the Finance Work Group will be bringing a motion to approve a loan amount before the congregation at the November Business Meeting. A lender has been secured, and we appreciate all the work the Finance WG has done these past few months.

Members of the Construction/Design Work Group along with Kelly Cmerek will be meeting with the City of Taylor to finalize permitting costs and fire code requirements for the building. Please keep this group and this important meeting in your prayers.

At this point, we are talking exclusively with one General Contractor, and as soon as we can get the final cost where it needs to be, we will be entering into a contract with them.

As we announced a few weeks ago, the total amount of money that has been given to date on this current capital campaign drive is over $400,000! Please continue to give toward your individual pledge amount, and if you are not yet involved in this process, please contact the church office to find out how you can become a part of extending God’s kingdom though the new Ministry Center on Mallard Lane.

Remember to stop by the Prayer Wall located outside the doors by the organ and pick up a Prayer Reminder Brick.  This is a wonderful way to stay involved in the prayer needs during the relocation process.

September 1, 2016 Update

In just a few days, the RST will be selecting a General Contractor to oversee the building of our new Ministry Center on Mallard Lane! We invited

7 contractors to bid the project. The sealed bids are due on September 7th, and that evening, the RST will meet to score the bids and hopefully select the GC at that time. Once the General Contractor is selected, we hope to have action on the site in approximately 6-8 weeks.

We will have a church-wide ceremonial ground breaking on Sunday, October 2nd. We will have more details out in a few weeks, but plan to bring your own shovel and lawn chair if you need one. We will have a time of praise and prayer as we, as a congregation, break ground on Mallard Lane!

Remember to check the Prayer Wall located on the organ side foyer for current prayer needs. This is a way to keep up to date on relocation happenings as well. The Construction Work Group has been hard at work the past few months finalizing plans with the architect and vetting General Contractors. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but God is good and we are moving on down the road!

August 21, 2016 Update

There are a lot of exciting things happening with the relocation of our Ministry Center!  The bid invite went out to 5 General Contractors on August 15th. The final architect drawings will be ready this week and will be forwarded to the bidding General Contractors. Bids will be due on September 7th and the RST will meet that evening to open the bids and score them. We hope to officially break ground mid to late October.

There will be a ceremonial ground breaking for the entire church family on Sunday evening, October 2nd. More details will be provided as we get closer to that date. Dust off your shovels and prepare to participate in this exciting time in the life of FBC Taylor!

Remember to stop by the Prayer Wall in the foyer on the organ side and read over the prayer requests on the bricks. Take a brick home and pray over it for a week, then return it and select another one.

August 2016

The Relocation Team has been busy these past few weeks firming up all the plans with our architect, Keith Hickman. The Construction Work Group has been meeting weekly making sure that no stone is left unturned as we plan to utilize every inch of space in the new Ministry Center to its maximum potential! It was discovered that the land had never been platted, so that process is in the works.  We plan to apply for the building permit within the next month and hope to break ground approximately one month after the permitting is complete.  We will hold a ceremonial ground breaking service on a Sunday evening just prior to the official construction ground breaking. Stay tuned for more details on that!  Please pray for the Construction Work Group as they prepare to select a General Contractor. Bid packages for that will go out soon. The Work Group has vetted potential contractors and the field has been narrowed to five prospects. A lot of things are happening and the excitement is building as we near the actual beginning of construction! We appreciate your prayers and the dedication of so many people.

July 2016

It has been a while since the Relocation Steering Team has given an official update, but a lot has been happening behind the scenes.  The Construction and Design Work Group has been meeting almost weekly with our architect and interior designer. A civil engineer has been selected and is already hard at work. The land survey has been completed as well as the geo-tech report. The platting process is pending and the vetting process for our General Contractor is underway.  Plans are currently being made for the ceremonial ground breaking which should take place toward the end of summer.


There are several weekly opportunities to pray for the relocation process--Wednesday mornings at 9:15 in the church library and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Alvie and Eileen Goodnough Bronson located at 2808 Tyler Lane. The prayer signs are still up on the Mallard Lane property and the lot has been recently mowed if you’d like to walk the property and pray on your own. Remember that the Prayer Wall still has bricks available to take with you to pray over each week.

Please keep the Construction and Design Work Group in your prayers as they interview General Contractors and Audio Visual consultants, and that the entire process will come in at or under budget. These are exciting times for our church family! Join us as we Rise Up!

June 2016

Even though you haven’t heard much from the Relocation Steering Team recently doesn’t mean that nothing is happening!

Over the past 4 weeks, the Construction and Design Work Group has been meeting frequently with our architect, Keith Hickman tweaking little details throughout the building plan to assure good flow throughout the building and things like that.

We have a Civil Engineer on board and working on our project! This is a definite answer to prayer!

Soil testing has been completed, and the results will be forwarded to our architect. So don’t be surprised if you drive by the Mallard Lane property and see activity!

Next Sunday, June 5th  will be our Celebration Sunday. During the 11:00 worship service, the pledge total from last week’s Commitment Sunday as well as the First Fruits offering total will be announced.

We are hoping to break ground later this summer, and will be holding a church-wide Ceremonial Ground Breaking event about a week before the official ground breaking occurs. Kathy Dabbs and I will be heading up a Work Group that will help plan this event. Please contact one of us, or notify the church office if you would be interested in serving on this Work Group. You can also email us at rteam@fbctaylor.org.

April 2016

The Vote on Sunday, April 3rd to support the Ministry Center design presented by the Relocation Team passed by 98%!

Spring is here and the excitement is building as we continue to take steps toward relocating our Ministry Center to Mallard Lane. The first of three Town Hall meetings was a huge success, and we thank all of you who participated. You still have two more opportunities to attend the same presentation—March 30 at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary and April 2nd at 9 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. We want to encourage everyone to hear the presentation and have an opportunity to ask questions before the “Rise Up” vote on the building plans occurs on April 3rd.


A few more important dates we would like you to be aware of:

            *April 10—“Rise Up” sermon series begins and organized Prayer Groups start and run through May 22

            *April 24—“Vision Sunday”—church wide prayer time at the Mallard site

            *May 20-22—“Rise Up” 48 hour prayer vigil runs from 8:30 a.m. Friday through 8:30 a.m. Sunday

            *May 22—“Rise Up” Commitment Sunday—pledges will be made to support the financing of the new Ministry Center

            *June 5—“Rise Up” Celebration Sunday—total pledge amount will be announced


These are very exciting times for FBC Taylor! Be praying about how you will join in and “Rise Up”!

March Update

The relocation process is getting real, folks! We are very close to finalizing the floor plan for our new Ministry Center. We are working diligently with Auxano getting the capital campaign drive organized and ready for a spring launch. The RST and Capital Campaign Work Group recently hosted an extremely successful Leadership Summit. Those in attendance were able to hear the vision for the new facility, catch a quick glimpse of the design, have a brief question and answer time, and hear, for the first time, the theme for the fund raising effort—Rise Up!

We want to make sure that everyone is aware of the upcoming Town Hall meetings. These will be very similar to the Leadership Summit, but will involve more detailed design plan discussion as well as further opportunity for Q & A.  The dates are: March 20th @ 12:30 in the Fellowship Hall, March 30th @ 7:00 pm in either the Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary, and April 2nd @ 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. Please plan on attending at least one of these meetings.

There will also be several opportunities for corporate prayer. April 24th, there will be a Prayer Gathering at the Mallard property, and a 48-hour prayer vigil will be held from 8:30 am May 20 through 8:30 am May 22nd. This will lead up to Commitment Sunday on May 22nd. There is a weekly time of prayer each Wednesday evening at 6:00 in the stained glass room.

There are many people giving a lot of time to the planning of our new Ministry Center. Please pray for the relocation process and about your level of involvement as we, as a church, RISE UP!


February Update

The Relocation Steering Team and several Work Groups have been extremely busy this month.  The Construction/Design Work Group has been meeting weekly with KAH, our architect, and has completed design work on the floor plan of our new ministry center. It’s looking good!  We have scheduled a series of Town Hall meetings where the plans will be presented and the church will have opportunities to see the design and ask questions.

The Fund Raising Work Group has hired Auxano to lead us through a capital fund raising campaign. This will be a wonderful time of spiritual growth and individual commitment as we, as a congregation, work together to further the ministry of FBC here in Taylor. The emphasis will be from April 10th and run through May 22nd. Commitment Sunday will be May 22nd.

Here are a few important dates:

Town Hall meetings:

            Sunday, March 20th—Pot Luck Luncheon immediately following the 11:00 service—held in the Fellowship Hall—meeting will began at 12:30 p.m.

            Wednesday, March 30th—7:00 p.m.—will be located in either the Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary

            Saturday, April 2nd—9:00 a.m.—located in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the Men’s Breakfast

The church-wide vote to accept the design plans will be Sunday, April 3rd.

The Spiritual Engagement Team has planned some church-wide prayer events that we would like you to also include on your calendar:

            Sunday, April 17th—corporate prayer time at the Mallard property—time TBA

            48 hour prayer vigil prior to Commitment Sunday. This will run from 8:30 a.m. May 20th through 8:30 a.m. May 22nd. More details will be given closer to these dates.

Don’t forget to stop by the prayer wall and pick up a “brick” to guide you in specific prayer for the relocation process.

Please continue to be in prayer for the RST as we continue to seek God’s will for our church.

Relocation Steering Team (RST) Update: December 17, 2015

RST has been meeting weekly since formation.

To date: Hired KAH as architect.

Keith Hickman and daughter Lacey Lewis have been meeting with us for the past month. Last week, we met at their office to move walls, relocate rooms and try to come up with a building of 20,000 sq feet that will meet the ministry needs of our church. Not an easy task! When we reach the point of interior design, Lacey is an interior design graduate of Baylor and will be a valuable resource. Fund raising work group, led by Jack Jordan, has recently negotiated a contract with Auxano, a consulting firm for fundraising. Work group interviewed 4 firms and selected this one. Connected to Lifeway--a division of SBC publishing. Planning a spring fund raising campaign--between Easter and Mother's Day.

Looking at doing a series of town hall type meetings starting in January or February. Architect should have preliminary design sketches by the first of February. Continue to pray for the RST on a daily basis!


Relocation Steering Team (RST) Update

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. –Jeremiah 29:12

The RST opens and closes every meeting with prayer. We spent a week praying and seeking God’s guidance in the selection of an architect. We encourage every member of FBC Taylor to pray daily for the relocation process. God’s hand in this process has already been seen, and that’s EXCITING! Please consider joining the prayer group that meets on Wednesday evenings to pray specifically for the relocation. (See Kathy Dabbs or Devvie Gibbs for more information.)

The architect selection process is almost complete. From a list of ten names, four firms were selected for interviews. This was an encouraging time for the RST as we had all of our efforts up to this point confirmed by every architect we talked with. Our plan is to have an architect named by the first week of November, and each firm we interviewed felt that July would be feasible to break ground. Now that’s EXCITING and an answer to prayer!

The Fund Raising Work Group has started meeting and is praying for God’s direction in that effort.  We encourage you, as the church, to start praying about how you will be involved in this process. This is a church-wide effort and requires full participation. That is EXCITING, as well!

The new sign has been installed at the Mallard Lane site, and yes, that is very EXCITING!

The process has begun. Be in prayer about how you will participate in the relocation process and how God will use you to be a blessing. GET EXCITED!!

As always, we ask for your prayer support as we make very important decisions, and feel free to contact us at rteam@fbctaylor.org.


Relocation Update

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